Personal Branding Headshot 

Anthony Johnson

I am a veteran who served honorably in the United States Air Force, and a student to life's experiences. I currently reside in Austin Texas, but one day I hope to travel the world doing what I love; inspiring people, creating images & telling stories through my photography! My goal is to provide you with an amazing experience, fun memories and beautiful images to share with friends and family.

 My photography is unique from others because of my ability to capture decisive moments, use creative composition & the ability to connect on a personal level. When I connect with my clients, they feel great, their experience is enhanced and they forget all about the camera which in turn, allows me to capture the best versions of them through the art of photography.

Outside of photography, I love reading sci-fi fantasy books, creating digital art, playing video games, and learning different styles of martial arts. I try to live a healthy lifestyle as much as I can, but sometimes I can't say no to a bowl of Reese's ice cream!


Why I love what I do?

I believe in living in the now, rather than anticipating the future. I want to be happy now, I want to have fulfilled days now, not wait years down the road. Photography is my gift and I embrace it as much as I can. I want to create my own schedule, spend time with the people I care about, and to do the kind of work that will help me thrive as a person.

My favorite part of what I do?

Empowering professionals to be more successful by using excellent imagery to market their business is my mission. Not only am I capturing you and your story; I am capturing memories that will be archived in your family’s photo album one day!


ITT Tech Associates Degree in Multimedia, Austin Community College: Advertising- Fashion Specialization, Photographic Artist Specialization, DIGITAL ASSISTANT Certificate, PHOTOGRAPHIC ARTIST Certificate

Fundamentals of Photography, Intermediate Photography, Photo Digital Imaging I & II, Color Photography I & II, History of Photography, Photographic Retouching I & II, Photographic Lab Techniques, Portraiture I, Expressive Photography, Photojournalism, Social Media Tools I: Design and Implementation, Audio/Video Techniques


Advanced concepts of retouching tools and equipment techniques to enhance photographic media. Includes restoration and coloration. Requires visual acuity, accurate color perception, and good eye/hand coordination.

Digital Asset Management, creative visual thinking, problem solving and the exploration of personal vision. Photojournalism and skill development in the photographic principles of portrait lighting, posing, and subject rapport.

Excellent verbal, written, presentation and interpersonal skills. Management and recruitment, being able to communicate and train to business standards. Excellent time management and organizational skills.