Behind the Scenes

Behind the Scenes with JS Fotography

I recently had the opportunity to go out on an impromptu photoshoot with Jesse Smith who owns and runs JS Fotography and Jennifer Lincoln, a local Florida swim model. I was super excited to be apart of this opportunity because Jenn and Jesse are both professionals and their work is top notch! 

All of the video was captured with my iphone 6s and I even threw in a few still shots that I had captured with my Canon Mark 6D.

Jesse had a very particular shot he was looking to capture and after our shoot, he said he was able to capture it, so I am excited for him. As for what I was going after, I mainly needed some updated swimwear shots.

Jenn and I worked a little bit together before the sun got low and this is what I was able to capture with her.

Model: Jennifer Lincoln  © All Rights Reserved 2016

Model: Jennifer Lincoln
 © All Rights Reserved 2016

As you can see, Jenn is absolutely beautiful and I didn't have to give her a whole lot of direction. She knows her poses well and is definitely a seasoned model. I sent her a catalog of photos to approve so I should be updating my portfolio soon with the photos she chooses.

I am always looking for professional swimwear models to shoot with and designers to collaborate with.

Until next time guys, I hope you enjoy the photos and the videos I posted. Let me know what you would like to see more of, live unedited stuff or more post production stuff.