Retouching in Photoshop

Hey guys, I put together a little video of me editing one of my photos from a previous photoshoot. I tried to make it as short as possible, it took me about 3 - 4 hours of editing and I was able to condense that down to just 8 mins of video time for you guys. LOL!

Here's some info about the Before image. This shoot was an impromptu shoot. There was no hair or make up artist. There was no assistant, just me and the model on a beach in Florida just before a sunset. I was introduced to her by a friend of mine, Jesse Smith of JS Fotography. While he was setting up for his shoot w/ her, I was able to get a few minutes with her on my own. And there you go, a little bit of background on the shoot.. there was pretty much zero preparation. HaHa!