What does a Photographer Blog about?


My name is Anthony Johnson and I am professional photographer located in the Austin Texas area, you probably have already figured that much out by now, considering you're on my photography page. LOL! Now that I have the formalities over with, lets jump into what you can expect from my blog.

What to expect?

What can you expect from my blogs?
Photography (of course), camera settings, composition of a photo, do's and don'ts, editing, retouching and some before and after pics. I will probably even throw in the occasional rant or two as well as a few "How to's" to keep it entertaining and educational. HA :P

Let's go on a journey together

Don't be afraid, hit that follow button (top left, if it's not there....then im sure it's around here somewhere- LOL)

I don't plan on bombarding you with a blog every single day, maybe something every week, or twice a month to get things started. I have also been doing live feeds on my facebook page, maybe I will start posting some of those here as well and we talk about them.  I don't know, but i am sure we can figure it out together, it will be fun and probably messy. LOL!

That's all for now, until next time... Stay safe :)