The Reed's 20th Anniversary

Marriage is the intimate union and equal partnership of a man and a woman. It comes to us from the hand of God, who created male and female in his image, so that we might become one body.

In today's world it has become increasing difficult to find a person who still believes in these sacred values. However, my good friend and talented photographer asked me to photograph her special event that is, celebrating 20 years of marriage! She said after losing someone very close to her and then realizing she didn't have any recent images of her, she wants to make sure moving forward she has images of all of her loved ones from here on out. 

Her words really touched me and I promised that I would, to my best ability, capture her story during her anniversary party. And that's what I did, I photographed all of her family and friends who attended, staff workers helping behind the scenes, even the DJ and bartenders. 

The evening was really awesome even though it was cold and raining outside, inside was warm and filled with love. This family loves to dance and they are not shy about it. Before this event, I had only witnessed some of the Facebook posts Felcia made of her family dancing in the kitchen while cooking dinner. I kept a sharp eye out and captured each candid moment.

Delicious cake and cakeballs by Marta by Carousel Cakes.

Delicious cake and cakeballs by Marta by Carousel Cakes.

Delicious cake and cakeballs by Marta by Carousel Cakes.

Delicious cake and cakeballs by Marta by Carousel Cakes.

By the end of the night I think I walked away with a few hundred beautiful story driven images. :) After I edited and posted the images online for Felicia, I received a lot of great feedback regarding my services and the experience I provided as a photographer. Everyone loved the images too!  


Revisiting that first conversation Felicia and I had, she asked if I could make a photo album for her. I replied with, "Absolutely! You do know that I create custom high end photo albums for my clients who request and value such gifts, right?!" She smiled and said "Yes, please create one for me! I want photos of my family in case any of them passes away. Lord knows I wish I had images of my sister." And that is the magic and power of photography... to preserve memories and immortalize those we cherish and love.


Here is a the digital version of the photo album I created for my dear friend and recent client.