My thoughts on #SXSW 2017

What is so great about it?

Here we are another year of corporations moving to Austin, only to complain about the very essence of what makes this city great. Then you have the biggest film, interactive and music festival in Austin, better known as SXSW, defiling my city. 

I have lived in Austin for the past 12 years, and it has definitely changed (for the worse) since I first arrived here. More and more people are moving here, and traffic is getting worse with roads unable to cope with the growing volume of cars. The city hasn't really done anything to solve that problem, and you had what use to be a pretty awesome event, now turned into a shit show.

Austin TX, 6th Street during SXSW 2017

Austin TX, 6th Street during SXSW 2017

I remember a time when the people of Austin would take care of their city, they took pride in keeping Austin green and clean. People would have fun venturing downtown with friends, catching a surprise live set of an artist or eating some delicious street tacos.  Good times right?

Nowadays, you have tourists who are trying to hand out their flyers, posters and CDs they made, only to have them get tossed on the street by passersby. They came with dreams of making it big and hitting on every girl that walks by, and the homeless constantly asking for money. If you stand back and watch... it's pretty cringe worthy to say the least. In the city's defense, they have hired more officers to watch over the crowds. Then you have SXSW itself threatening to deport anyone who illegally plays a shows during their event. Like really? Your greed is that strong? Apparently so... you can read the full story about that in the Austin Chronicle here.

I love this city, but something needs to change.

Don't get me wrong, I love this city and most of the time it is a great place to live because of the number of things to do here. But as long as SXSW is going on and the streets are over crowded with disrespectful tourists littering our streets with their trash, I'd rather avoid SXSW all together! I can catch the highlights on TV or in my newsfeed. For those of you who visit Austin and respect our city, "Thank you!" You're welcome back anytime! :) #respect

Live Music Capital of the world?

6th Street Austin TX, SXSW 2017 Street Performers 

6th Street Austin TX, SXSW 2017 Street Performers 

I really wish Austin would go back to it's roots and promote the little guy. It is hard enough for artists to make it with the cost of living in this city. After SXSW, the bars will fill back up with DJs, EDM, and Top 100 radio hits. Live bands are few and far betweenand I hardly ever see them anymore. Sadly, I do not believe Austin TX is the "Music Capital of the world" anymore...