Ted & Lynn: Our Love Story

Do you believe in fate?

This story begins in September of 2015 in Grapevine, TX. Ted was tasked to work an event and after going through every single person qualified to work with him, he eventually turned to one of his best friends at work and asked for suggestions. Ted's friend Billy suggested that Lynn would be able to help.  So Ted picked up the phone, introduced himself and asked Lynn if she would be willing to assist him with his work event.  Lynn said "of course!"

During the event, Lynn felt a connection and wasn't sure if it was a business feeling or an emotional feeling.  She simply knew Ted was a good person with a kind heart and loved the way he worked with his clients and genuinely cared for people.  At that point, she didn't read into it too much and just kept in contact with him on business matters. Two months go by and their friendship has grown exponentially and Lynn finally asked Ted to get together for the first time other than for work.

They had talked so much on the phone that when Ted and Lynn went on their first date together, it was as though they already knew one another.  The date was a huge success and they both were falling in love with one another. They continued flying back and forth from Texas to New Jersey to see one another until finally Ted asked Lynn if she would like to get a house together in Austin Tx. Lynn thought about it for three days, Ted was nervous and was hoping... then Lynn said "YES!!" Needless to say, Ted was extremely happy and filled with joy that the love of his life is ready to take the next step.

Not to long after that, Ted and Lynn took a trip to Italy and their love for one another continued to grow. Now the thing about Ted and Lynn is that they are very spontaneous and have huge open hearts. After a few days together in such a romantic amazing setting Ted knew it was time. He was with the perfect woman in the absolutely perfect setting.

Ted reached out to his jeweler and through a series of incredible efforts a ring was made and personally delivered to the island of Capri. Ted never felt so right about anything in his life. As the hours grew shorter to the time that he was planning to propose, Ted was overcome with amazing feelings of love, excitement, and anticipation. He couldn't wait to ask the woman of his dreams to marry him. 

Ted and Lynn falling in love enjoying Itatly.

Ted and Lynn falling in love enjoying Itatly.

In his words "I remember looking into her beautiful eyes in such an amazing setting and the words flowed off my tongue as they were from my heart. Lynn's response was everything that I ever dreamed of... "

The Engagement Party

When they arrived back home, Ted and Lynn notified their friends and family that they are to be married. Tears of joy, happiness and love filled every corner of the earth as the news of 2 beautiful souls finding love in one another. The engagement party was on and they needed a great photographer for this occasion. Johanna, a good friend of Lynn's referred me, Anthony to meet with Ted and Lynn. After our meeting, they loved my energy, the quality of my work and decided to bring me on as their photographer. I was truly honored to be a part of such a magical story!

Ted and Lynn chose one of their favorite restaurants, Eberly Austin which is located in downtown Austin TX, to host their party. Eberly Austin is such a beautiful venue with exquisite cuisine! Lynn turned to her good friend Johanna (btw check out Johanna's website: PeaceLoveGlam) to help with decorations and together they came up with a beautiful spread and layout!

I brought my modeling light to the venue and offered portraits off to the side, then later that night, I walked around capturing candid and posed photographs of their friends and family.

Anthony Johnson Photography Photo Booth

Anthony Johnson Photography Photo Booth

Here are just a few of the photos I captured that night. If you are interested in viewing the entire gallery, visit the gallery here. :)

After the engagement party at the Eberly ended, Ted and Lynn wanted to end the night with dancing at the W Austin. We headed over to the "W" and Ted had reserved a VIP section with bottle service for all of us. Drinks were flowing, booties were dancing and everyone pretty much had a smile on their face.

I would say from start to finish, this was one of the most magical stories of two people falling in love that I have been a part of. Thank you Ted and Lynn for including me in your story and allowing me to capture such beautiful images for you. I hope they are everything you hoped for! <3

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