Sensual, Elegant & Beautiful

I am not really sure how to start this blog, so I will just jump right into it. A good friend of mine, Rebecca reached out to me after seeing a few of my images on Facebook. She had been working really hard on her level of fitness and wanted to celebrate her achievements by hiring a professional photographer to capture her results. 

When she first contacted me, we tossed around a few ideas on how we could capture what she wanted. I told her from the very beginning that I am not a photographer who photographs,what I call, "T&A shots." Not that there is anything wrong with it if that's your thing, it's just not my thing.

She smiled and said "Good, I am looking for a photographer who can create sensual, yet elegant, and beautiful images of my body."  So let me tell you little bit about Rebecca, she is a quiet girl, respectable, smart, funny and loves to dance. She has a huge heart, loves taking care of her family and is always there for a friend in need. She is not that girl who needs nor does she want a lot of attention. With that being said, these photos we created are purely for her to reflect on all of her hard work she spent in the gym.

She realizes that everyone ages, that time waits for no one. She didn't want to wait any longer on creating some portraits that she could reflect back on in a distant future from now. Who knows, maybe she is thinking about having kids of her own and isn't sure how that will affect her. The point is, she now has forever immortalized her body and accomplishments w/ a portrait sessoin from me.

Without future ado, I present the beautiful and super shy Rebecca and congratulate her on her fitness accomplishments. You go girl! :)


Final selections: Retouched and Edited


If you or someone you know would like to schedule a portrait session with me and have images created that represent the most beautiful version of you, please contact me here.