IA Mentoring Entrepreneurs at SXSW

Today, Score Austin sent me out to the Mexican American Cultural Center located in downtown Austin, Texas just days before the excitement of SXSW. I met up with, Morgan Messick, who is the marketing manager for International Accelerator (IA). Morgan was very nice and showed me around and explained to me what today is all about.

The International Accelerator Team

IA's mission, similar to SCORE's, is to help startup businesses reach the next level through mentoring! Their accelerator program is designed to help foreign born entrepreneurs raise capital and expand their startup in the US. They have a hands-on approach to help businesses with everything they need.  Participants today will receive mentoring (one on one), advisors and investors that will help them improve their pitch and business plan.

Now you would expect to pay for professional mentoring like this, however this event was absolutely free to startups that received sponsorship through the events sponsors. Who exactly were these sponsors? Casa México SXSW & the Hellenic initiative (Greek) Let's give them a huge "thank you" for sponsoring this SXSW event that will help foreign born entrepreneurs make their dreams a reality in the United States of America.

If you would like to learn more about Score Austin (who offers free local mentoring), International Accelerator, Casa México or Hellenic initiative (Greek), please visit their respected websites, which are linked above. Thank you and until my next assignment, have a great day! :)