Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Have A Professional Headshot Today!

Why a Professional Headshot

Investing in a high-quality, professionally headshot is an important investment into your personal brand. It shows you at your very best, the way you want to be perceived online. Many of us are not models or naturally photogenic. As a result, an amateur photographer can actually end up hurting your brand, doing more harm than good. A professional photographer like myself who specializes in headshots understands the Do's and Don'ts, how to pose you, how to choose the best backdrop, advise you on what to wear and how to use lighting to get the best shot possible.

How often have you found yourself thinking, "I think I need a professional headshot today!", probably about zero times. lol! A lot of us are pretty busy with our day-to-day routine, the thought of a headshot can easily slip our mind. There are definitely a lot of reasons why you should have a professoinal headshot besides having a great profile photo for your dating site or facebook page. These are my top 5 reasons why you should have a professional headshot in today's world.

First Impressions

You don’t get a second chance to make a first impression. How many times have we all heard this, but it is very true. What is the impression you want to make for your brand or yourself? It should be that you care about your appearance and that you are paying attention to details by having a professional headshot done. It also helps people warm up to you by seeing the best version of yourself first. Keeping your headshot updated is equally as important as well. How awkward would it be to meet someone in person and you looked nothing like your headshot from 20 years ago? lol

Look the Part

As important as a professional headshot is to a winning career, many people still rely on the poor-quality point and shoot camera or cell phone photos they ask their friends to snap. Bottom line is, if you want to be treated as a professional, then you must look like a professional!


No matter how exciting a brand is, at the end of the day people want to do business with people – not a company. Having the right photos of the people behind the company builds a connection and trust. It shows that you value the importance of human relationships with your coworkers.

Your Digital Identity

Websites, social media profiles, and even avatars in blog comments are perceived as more believable and trustworthy if there is a professional headshot of a person rather than an anonymous placeholder or no photo at all. In a world of fakes, scams, robots and everything else, a photo establishes your digital identity, a human connection and that perceives trust.

You Deserve It

Taking the time to get a professionally composed and edited photo of yourself, presented in the best way possible, is not only important for your brand but it will boost your confidence too. You can feel good about people visiting your website or LinkedIn profile and seeing the good-looking, friendly face of the person they should do business with. And hey… it just might save your butt on those days you are a little off your game; having a bad hair day and meeting someone for the first time. At least they can see your potential from your professional headshot! :D

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