BTS: Fashion Portraits at the Domain

Hey guys, hope your weekend was amazing! Now it's Monday, most people are back at work and I might have just the thing to brighten up your Monday Blues. A "behind the scene" look at one of our recent photo shoots with the beautiful and very talented, April Steinmetz. You're not going to want to miss this!!!

April is a good friend of mine and is a professional fitness model located here in Austin Texas. (Check out and Like her Facebook page here!) Normally, we charge for our photography sessions, however this particular session April and I worked out an agreement that benefits both parties, which we occasionally do.

We met up at the Domain, in north Austin for those who are not familiar with the area. We had a beautiful sky filled with clouds, in photography those clouds translate into a giant soft box, which makes the light very soft. This is my favorite light to work with because it complements our clients so easily.

Our objective was to create and capture some fashion / beauty lifestyle images. We first photographed on a 2nd story balcony overlooking the street. Then we moved down to the sidewalk in front of a couple of high end department stores while staying out of the way of people shopping. (Note: This is very important!!! Anytime you are working in a public place, never disrupt or make a scene, or else someone will ask you to leave and you will not be able to complete your job.)

Overall, April had a blast working with us and I even believe we surprised her with our professionalism and talent we brought to the photography session. You can hear her in the video saying "Oh my God! I love it!....that's looks awesome, is that me? That can't be me.... " :) Watch the video to see her entire reaction to seeing images of herself on my camera!

If you love these images and would like to book a session with us, we would love to hear from you! You can click on the CONTACT button at the top or click here to fill out a quick form to help me understand what you're looking for. Hope you enjoyed this blog post and we look forward to seeing you soon!