Event Photography

Event Photo Editing: Whoa, You gotta see this!

There I was, framing my shot to capture 4 beautiful ladies posing for an event photo to share on social media. I double checked my lighting, i made sure the ladies all had a flattering pose, I waited for the person in the background to walk by… waiting.. waiting… THERE!! I pressed the shutter button and we did it! We created a pretty nice photo of the 4 ladies posing.

Event Photography: Comparing "Apples to Oranges"

They are similar in ways that they are both round, but completely different when you take a closer look. The same logic applies to the person you have appointed to photograph your event. Just because that person is holding a camera doesn’t mean they know how to capture dynamic or exciting photos, much less know what to do in low-light situations. So lets break this down even further with a few photo examples from non-professionals and with me, a professional event photographer.

Event Photography Pricing: 3 Factors Commonly Overlooked

I often get asked “what is all included in your fee” and sure I normally respond with tangible goods and services. Today, I would like to cover 3 important factors that are normally overlooked by other photographers and the general public when finding the right photographer.

Corporate Event Photography: What's Included?

I want to give you a bunch of Value

When you order my standard event package you are receiving up to 4 hours of photography coverage, up to 250 images edited, an online gallery to host the images, download, share, (order prints for personal use), …

What Kind of Usage is Included in my Event Package?

have 2 main types of uses that I have included in my packages. If you are interested in; How long can I use the photo(s)? How many photos? Etc., I covered that in this post here. In this post, we are going to dive deeper into the type of use granted and some examples of how they can be used.

2019 EDC Movers Awards: Austin Marriott North

2019 EDC Movers Awards: Austin Marriott North

One of my favorite events to cover is the EDC Mover awards. This was my 2nd year in a row and it was good to see all of the familar faces and even a few new ones. Everyone is very friendly and down to earth. George, the president of EDC is very kind and giving. Pretty much everyone received a gift by the end of the event.

NEW Services: Austin Corporate Event Photographer

I have a new message, I want to focus on helping businesses like yours be represented in the very best light. Events require careful planning between event schedules, signage, and decor. Photos serve not only as a record of the event, but can also