Corporate Event Photography: What You Can Expect

Hello there! You’re probably here because you’re interested in how and why I have so many happy clients. Well, the trick is being organized, listening you my client’s needs and then delivering on those needs. So let’s jump into it! :)



The first step is to qualify me as your photographer. You will want to review my photos and then I recommend reviewing my Google Reviews. This will provide you with all of the information you need to qualify me as your ideal corporate photographer. This is probably the most important step, because you do not want to hire just anyone. You will want to hire someone that can create the kind of images you need, easy to work with and will make you look good during the event. One of the worse things that could happen is the photographer you hired is unprofessional, delivers bad photos that you can’t use and makes you look bad in front of your boss and your attendees.

Needs & Analysis

Next, we discuss what your needs are and if your budget will cover all of those needs. This includes details of the event, logistics, type of photos you’re needing, what kind of usage you’re needing w/ those photos, timelines and any special requests.

Proposal & Price Quote

After I have received your needs & analysis, I review all of the information given and provide you with a proper proposal based off of those details. 9 out of 10 times the budget is lower for the expectations of services. I am not sure why this is such a common practice, but I do my very best to work with all budget sizes. If the budget & details have been agreed upon, a contract is sent over for you to sign and to make the initial deposit to reserve your date.

Contract Review

(Optional) If there were any questions regarding the contract, I provide the opportunity to go over the contract in person or over phone to address those questions or concerns.


Negotiations & Review

(Optional) Like I mentioned before, 9 out of 10 budgets typically fall short for the expectations of the services being provided. This is where we enter fair negotiations, removing items to fit the budget or increasing the budget to pay for services. I am happy to work with any size budget and will do my best to provide guidance on what you actually need versus what you think you may need based off our our previous “needs & analysis” conversation. I will explain why you need something and why you may not need something. The goal is to find a budget that will provide you with services that are critical for your success. I am here to help!


We did it! We talked about what you needed, we reviewed and signed the contract, the budget is in line w/ the expectation of services. Final step is to make the initial deposit. You can send a check, or make a PayPal direct deposit. Paying with PayPal, a 2.9% convenience fee is added at the time of payment. Once your payment has been received and confirmed, I am officially booked for your assignment.

The Day Before

The day before your big event or assignment, I like to meet my contact person and do a walk through of the event space. This helps me prepare mentally on how I plan on shooting the event. It shows me how much time I have to get from point A to point B to make sure I don’t get lost or miss an opportunity. Meeting my contact also helps build a good working relationship and ensure we are on the same page.


Event Day

This is your big day, where all of our preparation pays off. I executed the job flawlessly, creating, capturing everything that we discussed before. Everything was planned, organized and we look like a rock stars in front of your boss and most importantly, the attendees.

The Day After

The assignment is over, everyone had a great time, people will be talking about this for the next few weeks, and some are already signing up for next year’s event. I had a great time covering the event however, for me this is my post production day. This is where I go through all of the photos, selecting only the best, editing only the best and then delivering only the best to you, my client.

Delivery of Images

After I have gone through and selected the best images and edited them for you to make them really stand out. It’s time to deliver those images to you. Depending on which method you selected, you will either receive a downloadable link (that will be available for 3 business days) or you will receive a 2TB hard drive. Images are usually ready to be delivered within 48-72 business hours. If you requested expedited services, then those images will be delivered within 24 business hours.

Customer Service

Finally, I follow up with you to ensure the images have been delivered and are exactly what you asked for. I want to make sure you are 100% satisfied w/ the final images, over all experience and services I provided. I also, enjoy getting any feedback from you regarding the event. It’s always welcoming to hear that the guests were praising you for hiring such a knowledgeable and fun photographer.