Corporate Event Photography: What's Included?

I want to give you a bunch of Value

When you order my Unlimited Event Package you are receiving up to 4 hours of photography coverage, up to 250 edited images, an online gallery to host the images. There you can download, share, and order prints for personal use. All photo processing fees are included and I even include an expedited delivery service to get your photos to you the very next day!

* Deep Breath * I know that’s a lot right? That’s just the beginning! Now let’s jump into the usage of all those photos I just created for you and how you need to use them.



After years of shooting event photography for various corporations, I have learned the value of licensing as it pertains to my business and to my clients. I have gathered a ton of feedback from clients and have successfully updated my package to include the most common type of use after shooting an event.

What majority of all my clients have asked for is the following:

  • Can we use the photos on our website - YES!

  • Can we use the photos on social media - YES!

  • Can we use the photos internally - YES!

I granted all of those requests with the exception of commercial use to keep costs within their budgets. Of course, anyone can always come back to me and negotiate for a commercial use. Not only that, but I will offer to help advise on which image could have the MOST impact for using in an ad.

So that’s it, that is how I created my most popular event package. I listened to all of you and calculated my cost of doing business to make sure I wouldn’t go bankrupt for giving away so much. If you’re a looking for a more details on “what does that usage mean” check out this post here!

If you found this article to be helpful or would like to add some additional ideas on how I could provide even more value to my client, please comment below. Thank you all for visiting and until next time, have a great day!