SCRS 2019 Global SUMMIT at The Hilton Austin


What a great way to kick off the year!

My first assignment for 2019 was photographing the 2019 Oncology Site Solutions Summit in Austin Texas, located at the beautiful, Hilton Austin. If you missed it, here is what SCRS covered in two days.


Day 1, they kicked off by presenting a very heart felt presentation to recognized their late-president Christine who was beloved by all. The audience gave a standing ovation as they honored and cherished her memory.


Followed by the introduction of Casey as the new SCRS president and then Amita Patnaik (MD) was introduced and she discussed the advances in oncology clinical research. After her, Dr. Jimmy Lin, (MD, PhD, MHS) gave a great presentation on the use of circulating tumor DNA in patient management.


During the break-out session there was a lot of dialog between key speakers and attendees on how to improve the overall delivery of information from patient to client, client to patient & etc. I was pretty busy photographing the speakers and working, but from the pieces I did over hear sounded really awesome! I will admit though, I am not a doctor or a professional in their industry, but I was still highly interested in hearing their discussions.

From a photographer’s perspective, everyone was very nice and didn’t mind me photographing them. Especially after I showed them the photo I had just captured, they loved it and wanted another one! Of course, I was happy to comply providing a personalized experience to their overall event experience.


Day 2, Dan Milam kicked off the day with a great presentation. The audience seemed very engaged with his presentation. However, I was mainly focused on creating some awesome photographs, looking for creative angles, use of light, composition, basically asking myself, “How could I create something better than the day before?”

When shooting a multiple day event, I get into a friendly competition with myself to see how I can out preform what I done the day before. Always trying to raise that bar! I am already familiar with the layout, lighting, now it’s time to turn up my creative juices so I can over deliver to the client.


The summit ended with T.J. Sharpe giving a very emotional presentation of how clinical trials saved his life. He really has an amazing story to tell and very inspirational. His story is about how no doctor could help him because of legal issues, but he refused to stay quiet because he wanted to be an active father, not a memory. If you ever get a chance to hear his story, it’s worth taking the time to learn about this incredible human being!

That was pretty much the event! I had a blast meeting everyone and taking a ton of photographs. I believe I averaged about 60 deliverable images per hour. 120 an hour, so by my math a 1:2 ratio of usable photos for the client.


Just throwing this out there, SCRS I would love to travel and shoot your upcoming events that you have planned for this year. Everyone I met was nice, friendly and a pleasure to work with. Also, you guys know how to cater an event! This event definitely ranks in the top 3 of all events I have photographed. :)