Event Photography: Comparing "Apples to Oranges"

They are similar in ways that they are both round, but completely different when you take a closer look. The same logic applies to the person you have appointed to photograph your event. Just because that person is holding a camera doesn’t mean they know how to capture dynamic or exciting photos, much less know what to do in low-light situations. So lets break this down even further with a few photo examples from non-professionals and with me, a professional event photographer.

Corporate Event Photography: What's Included?

I want to give you a bunch of Value

When you order my standard event package you are receiving up to 4 hours of photography coverage, up to 250 images edited, an online gallery to host the images, download, share, (order prints for personal use), …

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I have a new message, I want to focus on helping businesses like yours be represented in the very best light. Events require careful planning between event schedules, signage, and decor. Photos serve not only as a record of the event, but can also

Photography Pricing: (Part 2) What is your cost of doing business?

Photography Pricing: (Part 2) What is your cost of doing business?

Part 2 of Photography Pricing

Now total up ALL of the above costs, including your salary – THIS is your annual cost of doing business.  Now divide that number by 12; this is your monthly cost of doing business. It’s a pretty big number, isn’t it?  This is the absolute minimum amount of income you need to make in your business just to cover your minimum costs.

Photography Pricing: What is your cost of doing business?

Photography Pricing:  What is your cost of doing business?

Whether you’re a hobbyist photographer getting your first paying clients, or a seasoned veteran, deciding how much to charge for your services can be exhausting and overwhelming. In order to properly price your photography, you need to know your cost of doing business, or CODB.  It sounds pretty simple, but in this article, we’re going to dive deep into the basics to ensure you have all the information you need to properly calculate your cost of doing business.

5 Tips for Hiring an Event Photographer

5 Tips for Hiring an Event Photographer

Deciding on a professional photographer for your special event can be very stressful and unpleasant, but it doesn't have to be. These events are the one time when people come together into one place. Whether you are the host or the event planner, the last thing you want to be doing during your special event is being all over the place with your phone, trying to chase special moments, smiles, conversations, while connecting with your guests. 

IA Mentoring Entrepreneurs at SXSW

IA Mentoring Entrepreneurs at SXSW

Today, Score Austin sent me out to the Mexican American Cultural Center located in downtown Austin, Texas just days before the excitement of SXSW. I met up with, Morgan Messick, who is the marketing manager for International Accelerator (IA). Morgan was very nice and showed me around and explained to me what today is all about.