What's Wrong with Hiring a "Cheap" Photographer?

I get it, photography is expensive so why not choose a cheaper solution? But, have you considered the implications of hiring a professional versus a "cheap" photographer? Let's break this down and see if I can help shine some light on this matter for you.

What is a "Cheap" Photographer?


As a business owner, we all have our expenses. In photography a professional (more expensive) photographer might start the month off w/ some of these expenses; a studio, equipment, advertising, marketing, professional memberships, education, office supplies, and insurance to name just a few. That could easily add up to a few thousand dollars per month.

A "cheap" photographer more than likely has no idea what they are doing, much less what kind of numbers they need to make in order to sustain a business. More than likely, they are an amateur, hobbyist looking for experience. That's not necessarily a bad thing, we all start somewhere. The bad thing is when they try to pass as a professional when they are clearly not and you as the consumer have no idea.

How Important Are These Photos


There is nothing wrong with helping out an amateur photographer who is trying to get experience. But ask yourself, how important will these photographs be to you, your business or family? Are you willing to risk something to go wrong? Would you be ok if the photographer loses some or all of your images? Or rather, doesn't even show up when they are suppose to? What happens if they accidentally hit someone in the face w/ their camera gear, do they have insurance? If not, are you ok with that? Or worse yet, the images they deliver to you took months to receive and the way they came out are terrible.


There are a ton of horror stories we can find online where people have hired a cheap photographer instead of a professional. Do you know what the number one thing they all said afterwards is? They wish they had hired a professional in the first place. They all said, I wish I would have based my decision NOT on price alone, but instead looked more closely to their reviews and portfolio examples.

Conclusion: Depends on What you Want


There you have it, if the pictures you want the photographer to create are not that important to you, then I think it's ok to hire a "cheap" photographer. But if the images are suppose to represent your business, brand, capture memories of a special event in someone's life or convince people to do business with you in some way, then a professional is definitely the way to go. For example, would you trust your friend with your surgery because they read a medical book or would you rather see a doctor who has been trained professionally? Sure professional photography can be an expensive investment, but keep in mind those images will last forever and with time those images will become priceless. Trust me, I've seen it happen time after time again.