In photography, quality is measured by a photographer’s ability to tell a story or make a statement in a single image. 

Your image is your brand and you want people take you seriously. Therefore, not having an impeccable image, is not an option. That’s why you are here! You want to get recognized as a professional and stand out from all the noise online. In this digital era, selfies are great but… they won’t make the cut for a professional brand.

Some of the struggles that you might be experiencing:

  • You have plenty of ideas about your headshots but you don’t know if they will look good on YOU.
  • You know a lot about what you do, but posing, performance on camera, and presenting your charisma, are a separate skill set that you rather have an expert doing that for you.
  • You want to polish your website, do online marketing to get clients, and your branding needs a professional image.

If this sounds like you, we’ve got you covered!

Styling, lighting, technique, and retouching are all instrumental factors that can make a “good” image into a “great” image. That’s why I approach every assignment with the same excitement, creativity, and curiosity that I had on my first shoot.

This enthusiasm – which is now backed by over 6 years of experience in photography -- helps me elicit the right expressions and body language from even the most nervous or reserved clients. I take pride in creating images that celebrates your beauty in the way that feels right for you. Each session is unique and personalized to capture your inner strength and elegance!



Today was my first day working with Anthony Johnson and who ever is looking for a great photographer please! I highly recommend this man and he gets the job done! This is my first time modeling for him and to feel comfortable is a big thing and he definetly made that happen. Its a good thing when everything is professional and on point in every aspect. The experience itself was a great learning curve and watching how he does things and really gets involved while working with someone and he taught me more about modeling and how things should be done and going into detail about many aspects of the job itself. Hes definetly down to earth and fun and professional and those are very great traits to have as a professional photographer and Anthony Johnson carries that role real well and without a doubt 5 star work!
— John Arevalo

Corporate Headshots

Anthony did the headshots for our team at Griffis Lafrontera. Thank you Anthony for your professionalism but most importantly than you for the beautiful photos. I am typically not excited about posting my pics on social...but I sure do not mind sharing these. 😀. Totally Happy!
— Lisa Haley

Family Portraits

Anthony is very personable and I quite enjoyed working with him. I was a bit out of my relm at first, but he is very good at getting you it if your shell. We had a great time goofing off while he was directing the shoot. I highly recommend him. You’ll have a great time and get some great shots!
— Courtney Scheuerman

Lifestyle Portraits

Anthony is incredibly talented! The feedback I got from my new portrait with him was amazing. He managed to capture “me” in such a way that even my family and friends were able to recognize a personal inner strength through the image. Hands down, BEST portrait I’ve had. I definitely recommend anyone working with Anthony!!
— Nicki VanRaden


I’m a model who’s secretly been dying to shoot with Anthony for a while now and I loved Shooting with him! Anthony made sure it was a wonderful experience, he was incredible about communication; he was very kind, professional and educational. Anthony can make connection to his subject in a way that makes the shoot feel very comfortable and it makes shooting with him a breeze, Not to mention his work is phenomenal! He went over and above the expectations with my images. I couldn’t be happier with them.

I highly recommend working with him and I will be recommending him to my friends and family as well.
— Faith Angela