Frequently Asked Questions:


Q: When I hire you, are the photos you take included in your hourly rate/ session fee?

A: Photos are a separate purchase unless included in a value package. The hourly rate/ session fee covers the cost of the photographers experience, expertise and professionalism while creating beautiful images for you.

Q: When I hire you to photograph my event, do I get all of the photos?

A: The photographer will comb through all photos, eliminating the bad ones and offering only the good photos for purchase. You will receive the very best photos from an event when you purchase a digital set from the online gallery.

Q: How much is it to hire a professional photographer?

A: Professional photography prices range anywhere between $150 per hour up to $500 per hour. If you would like to learn more about pricing, please click here.

Q: Is the deposit refundable?

A: No, the deposit is non refundable. However, depending on the situation credit may be applied for a future session.

Q: When I receive the photos, do they belong to me and can I do whatever I want with them?

A: When a client receives photos from a photographer, that photographer is sharing a license that details what kind of usage the client is allowed to have. If you would like to learn more about image licensing, please click here!

Q: What is a Signature Timeless Photo Book?

A: A timeless gift that holds captured memories of loved ones to share with your friends, family and younger generations to come. It is a photo book that is custom made with beautiful images from your special event.

Q: Do you offer any discounts?

A: Yes! If you are a U.S Veteran or if you are a subscriber to my newsletter you will receive various discounts. If you would like to learn more about discounts, please click here!

Q: When I hire you to photograph my event, how long before the photos will be available to view and for purchase?

A: Photos will be available online within 24 -48 hours after the event. I provide a complimentary "Express" service to all my clients.

Q: Do you retouch the event photos before posting them online in a gallery?

A: Yes! All event images are lightly retouched before posting online and making available for purchase. This ensures the highest quality visually!

Q: What does "lightly retouched" mean?

A: Lightly retouched means the photograph has been color corrected, edited (color boost & cropped) and optimized for the web. If you would like to learn more about retouching, please click here!

Q: Why is a deposit required?

A: The deposit is required to reserve a photographer for a certain date and time for services. If you would like to learn more about deposits, please click here!

Q: Can I pick up prints from your studio instead of paying for the shipping and handling fee from the online gallery?

A: All prints are done through the online gallery by a professional 3rd party printing company, not the studio. This is to ensure the very best quality when converting a digital file into a physical print and the convenience of having your prints shipped directly to you.

Q: I’m interested in purchasing a photo from your online gallery, would it be possible for you to alter the photo for me?

A: Yes, additional alterations to a photo starts at $19.99 depending on the request. Advanced Retouching starts at $85 per image. To learn more about retouching, please click here.







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