Austin Texas Photographer: Pricing Info

All pricing is based off of best business practices for photographers. A wide variety of factors do go into determining prices to provide the best value to our clients; creativity, time, experience, usage, uniqueness of the photos, & overhead.

To receive your quote please let us know how we can help you by filling out our contact form. Our focus is providing you with VALUE and price becomes an after thought.

Thank you and we look forward to helping you stand out!


Anthony maintains an industry standard by following the best business practices from; Professional Photographers of America (PPA), American Society of Media Photographers (ASMP) and FotoQuote Pro 7 to determine pricing for assignments.

In addition you will receive peace of mind knowing that your assignment is being handled by a true professional who takes pride in his work, delivering on experience and value for your brand!

Event Photography


An Event by default is for Public Relations (PR) or Personal use and is defined as: Photographs distributed (without charge to the publications) to editorial magazines, newsletters, newspapers, wire services, or social media outlets to achieve unpaid articles / coverage about the event or organization.

Commercial Assignments


Pricing has been developed based on a variety of factors. PLEASE NOTE, however, as every assignment is different, and requires different preparation, scouting, and post-production, please contact us for an estimate specific to your needs.

Most common question:

What is image licensing? In a nutshell, image licensing can be simplified like this:

You purchased new software for the office. You are limited to use the software only on 1 computer. In order to use the same software for multiple computers in your office, you will be prompted to purchase additional uses. This is how image licensing works as well. The end-user pays for the value the additional uses provide.

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