Is your online imagery providing benefits or hurting your business?

Award Galas, speaking events, corporate assignments, trade shows or a multi-day conference, as a corporate photographer I specialize in helping businesses like yours make a strong & powerful impression. How? I provide high quality imagery, carefully crafted to grab attention and establish your brand as a leader.

My images help companies communicate their personality, uniqueness, and professionalism to their audience with great results. Images are how shoppers judge the quality, and overall desirability of your brand, services and your products. The care you put into your imagery reflects the care you put into your business and your credibility as a top level business. Professional photography isn't an expense, it's an investment! Don’t throw away your money on cheap photography that will end up hurting your business.

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Corporate Photography: What You Can Expect


The first step is to contact me with details of your assignment, use the contact form or you may call me directly. I normally respond within an hour, if not immediately. We then discuss the details of the assignment and what kind of investment we will need in order to achieve your vision. Once we are in agreement, a contract with the assignment details and an invoice is sent for you to sign and make the initial deposit. After that has been completed, you will officially have reserved your event, date & time with Anthony Johnson Photography.

Quality Assurance

Now that you are officially booked, I work closely with my clients to ensure every detail is covered. This is broken up into 3 main objectives.

  • Pre-Production:

    • Includes eMail / phone discussions and meeting with client at the location to review space, lighting, logistics and any last minute details that need to be covered. After reviewing the logistics, we will have a great idea on the best lens choice to use to capture stunning images for you.

  • Production:

    • Creating and capturing impactful / exciting images,candid shots, group photos, marketing & promotional photos. This is different per client, but this is the day magic is created.

  • Post Production:

    • This day is dedicated to picking the very best images, editing those images, color correcting, digital management of files, registering files, and delivering the files to the client within 3-4 business days.

After the images have been delivered, I follow up with an email to ensure 100% satisfaction. If at any point, there needs to be a correction or upgrade in services, I am happy to help in any way I can. My goal is to ensure you have a wonderful experience, receive the perfect images and are able to use them how you intended to.

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