Why Anthony Johnson Photography?

Even if your friend or relative has a great camera, that doesn't mean they'll take all the best shots or remember to. It's important to have a designated person to be in charge of the photography. A professional is also experienced at the best times and ways to get certain shots like special moments that happen really fast. A professional photographer will also know how to adjust for the best angles, lighting and turn the event into a great album documenting and telling your story.

Can I send you specific shots
I have in mind?

Yes, you can note any special details or information we should know in your booking's "pre-consultation" session. This will help us plan for your event and is part of your package. We'll also call you before your event to check in and discuss details.

How many photos will I get?

For events, we try to take as many unique photos as possible but after editing and choosing the good ones, we typically provide 50-100 edited photos per hour of photography.

What is the difference between low-res and high-res images?

 Low-resolution images are primarily used on the Web, and high-resolution images are reserved for print. If you're intentions are to only use the images on a social media platform, you'll want to choose low-res. Check out this article for additional information for image specs on Facebook.

How can I share the album
with my guests?

Just invite your guests to the album right from the app, or you can share the album code/share link. You can also have your guests join the album and comment on the favorite images or "Like" them.

Can I pick up prints from
your studio ?

All prints are done through the online gallery by a professional 3rd party printing company. This is to ensure the very best quality when converting a digital file into a physical print and the convenience of having your prints shipped directly to you.


Where are you located and
who will be my photographer?

On average, our photographers have 5-10 years of experience and go through a vigorous pre-vetting process before they can join our team, so they'll be able to help guide you on getting the best shots possible for your event. 

We have a various photographers who are ready to travel to additional cities across the globe providing all of the arrangements have been provided for in advance.

What kind of editing is included?

Cropping, color correction, exposure, contrast, etc. This does not include photoshop work (e.g. teeth whitening, or other retouching).  We'll make sure the photos are in great high quality to be printed or shared with your team or guests.

How will I get my photos?

You'll be able to download the entire photo album in print quality in one click. You can do this right from our website. This helps us deliver your photos to you even faster and keep them stored safely in a private online album! Your guests will also be able to download photos (individual photos or the entire album). We do not provide a CD/DVD of the photos, since you'll receive them online. The online gallery typically stays online for 3 months, afterwards it is archived to allow new galleries to be uploaded.

Can I order prints?

Yes, you'll be able to order prints or printed products right from your album gallery. Guests can do this too as soon as they join your album.

Are you looking to partner up
with event planners or venues?

Great question! I am always looking to expand my network with professionals and would welcome the opportunity to discuss how such an opportunity could benefit both parties.

Do you provide additional retouching?

Yes, additional alterations to an image can be done and price is dependent on the request. How much time, work & difficulty are all factors in determining the price.