Hiring the Right Photographer: Specialists or Jack-of-All-Trades?

Just because someone is a photographer, doesn’t mean they know how to take great photos for any occasion or assignment!

There are many types of photography actually! A few examples are; landscape, wedding, portrait, drone and corporate event photography. A lot of photographers specialize in a certain type of photography. However, there are also a lot of photographers that are considered, “jack-of-all-trades” and don’t really specialize in anything.

Event Photo Editing: Whoa, You gotta see this!

There I was, framing my shot to capture 4 beautiful ladies posing for an event photo to share on social media. I double checked my lighting, i made sure the ladies all had a flattering pose, I waited for the person in the background to walk by… waiting.. waiting… THERE!! I pressed the shutter button and we did it! We created a pretty nice photo of the 4 ladies posing.

Event Photography: Comparing "Apples to Oranges"

They are similar in ways that they are both round, but completely different when you take a closer look. The same logic applies to the person you have appointed to photograph your event. Just because that person is holding a camera doesn’t mean they know how to capture dynamic or exciting photos, much less know what to do in low-light situations. So lets break this down even further with a few photo examples from non-professionals and with me, a professional event photographer.

Event Photography Pricing: 3 Factors Commonly Overlooked

I often get asked “what is all included in your fee” and sure I normally respond with tangible goods and services. Today, I would like to cover 3 important factors that are normally overlooked by other photographers and the general public when finding the right photographer.